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   Current Version: 0.13              Server status: OFFLINE        Last Update: December 6th, 2006

To be released:  Before February 1st!




1. Q:  When will Phoenix Online be released?

R: I'm hoping to release it in the middle or in the end of October.

2. Q: I sent a e-mail requesting my account but I didn't get any response.

R: The account creation will take some time, since I'm not able to activate them daily, I do it every weekend, it will take a maximum of two weeks to be activate probably, if it takes more than that, make sure you sent it correctly.

3. Q: I downloaded and installed Phoenix Online in my computer but it doesn't work, it gives me a strange error. Why's that?

R: Most likely, you don't have .NET framework installed in your computer. The NET framework is a library made by Microsoft which is needed by most of the new applications. Refer to the DOWNLOAD section and you will see a download link to it.